The Rebel Krown movement had a humble start in early 1995. The original name, Flatbush International, and idea of the sound was envisioned by the founders Little Kev and The Exec. It was definitely more of a jog to the kitchen than a movement back then but the founders had a vision. They believed that people just love to go to a good party and the sound has stayed true to that simple belief for the last 13 years. The founders gave everything they could to this great sound. They were young, entrepreneurs, self-taught in the DJ trade. They always did what was necessary to deliver for their audiences. In 1998 the founders came upon what is now considered the pinnacle of their success the man, the prodigy Syxxfiggaz. From early in his career the founders recognized he would be the next generation, he would be responsible for taking the sound to places they've always wanted to go. Under the tutelage of the founders Syxxfiggaz learned the DJ craft and improved on what was established. He moved the sound from a reggae & hip hop solely mix to and all around sound, covering a to z of music from reggae and hip hop to soca, meringue, kompa, techno and everything in between. In early 2000 Syxxfiggaz partnered up with another up and coming legend in his own right. The incomparable Big Kev HD who developed his skills through hard work and determination. Since starting his career on the radio at the University of Albany he has flourished under the Rebel Krown umbrella to become co-president as well as the man with the presence on and off the microphone. Big Kev HD is the official party starter the ladies adore (HD means a lot more than High Definition according to the man). Syxxfiggaz and Big Kev HD are at the helm today, they are at the forefront of the Rebel Krown movement and they answer to no one except you the audience. Their focus is entirely on doing their very best in providing you with what you want on any night of the week you want it? A great party, fete, bashment, dance, whatever you call it Rebel Krown will deliver it! We at Rebel Krown thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us. Also, if there is anyway Rebel Krown can support you don't hesitate to let us know whether it's providing music for your event, shout outs, mix cds, etc. A big Rebel Krown thank you to all supporters!.

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